Your Health and Your Energy


Dr. Jodi Ritsch of  The Joyful Doc Clinic and Lisa Thelen of Lisa Thelen Visionary are ready to help you discuss your physical body issues and how you can shift your energy to help with issues. This session is PERFECT for anyone who is new to the concept of energy and your wellness.

For only $20, this is an event you won't want to miss, especially when we feel at a lack of energy during the cold and busy holiday season.

Dr. Jodi Ritsch is known as the "Joyful Doc" and own a clinic named as such in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Dr. Jodi takes care of hundreds of families and left a large hospital gig after delivering babies for years. She started her own family medicine clinic where her patients enjoy direct pay and membership options. Dr. Jodi is a certified life coach and laughter yoga extraordinaire.

Lisa Thelen is a gifted Visionary, Reiki Master, healer and teacher. She is also a mother, a wife and a wonderful friend. Lisa holds the belief that each of us has the ability to BE whole and healthy. She is committed to assisting people to BE by enriching lives through the discovery and creative uses of energy!

Choose from either these two dates to attend this amazing session: Thursday, November 30 at 6:30 p.m. or Wednesday, January 3rd at 6:30 p.m. Both of these sessions will be at The Joyful Doc Clinic in Eau Claire at 1906 Brackett Ave.

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Dr. Jodi Ritsch is board certified in Family Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine. She’s a proud graduate of the Medical College of Wisconsin and completed her residency in Eau Claire. She previously cared for patients at Mayo Clinic Eau Claire and was also the distinguished Medical Director of Employee Wellness from 2012 to 2013. Dr. Ritsch has also attended more than 500 births in her more than 11 years of doing obstetrics. The Joyful Doc Clinic offers direct primary care with our integrative doctor at our clinic in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.


Jodi Ritsch

Jodi Ritsch M.D. created The Joyful Doc Clinic S.C. to offer primary care to your whole family based on relationship not red tape, with simple direct pay pricing and easy online scheduling.