The Joyful Doc Group Visits

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Ready to tame your sugar dragon, stress less, detoxify your body, and get control of your gut? We've got an option just for you!

Get in on Dr. Jodi's best advice and information on the biggest topics affecting us. Each session only $75! Learn more/sign up for the group visits by clicking here

Taming Your Sugar Dragon-Blood Sugar/Insulin Connection: This group visit is designed to offer information on the importance of avoiding foods that spike blood sugars. Half of the time will be spent learning basic concepts/strategies and the rest of time will be available for asking Dr. Jodi specific questions.

Taming Your Stress-Healing Your Adrenals: This group visit will address the common stressors in our lives and ways to heal them. Methods for moving out of the "flight or fight" to give our adrenal glands time to rest and be restored. The second half will be for asking Dr Jodi specific questions. 

Taming Your GI System-Remove, Repair, Restore: This 90 min group visit will address improving digestion through lifestyle changes as well as food and supplements. Learn how to support your microbiome and improve your health. The second half will be open to ask Dr. Jodi specific questions.

Taming Toxins-Cleanse For Women: This group visit is for women looking to detox before pregnancy or to improve menstrual cycles utilizing changes in lifestyle, food and supplements. This is an overwhelming topic to tackle solo so gain knowledge, support and ask Dr. Jodi questions.

Learn more/sign up for the group visits by clicking here

Dr. Jodi Ritsch is board certified in Family Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine. She’s a proud graduate of the Medical College of Wisconsin and completed her residency in Eau Claire. She previously cared for patients at Mayo Clinic Eau Claire and was also the distinguished Medical Director of Employee Wellness from 2012 to 2013. Dr. Ritsch has also attended more than 500 births in her more than 11 years of doing obstetrics. The Joyful Doc Clinic offers direct pay visits with our natural doctor at our clinic in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.


Jodi Ritsch

Jodi Ritsch M.D. created The Joyful Doc Clinic S.C. to offer primary care to your whole family based on relationship not red tape, with simple direct pay pricing and easy online scheduling.