What patients say about The Joyful Doc Clinic

"Both Doctor and nurse are so caring, friendly and easy to talk to. All my needs plus some, were met! I highly recommend this clinic for anyone, especially if you don't have good or any insurance."

"Dr. Ritsch took the time to sit down with me and listen to my concerns like no doctor has ever done before. It is obvious she truly cares for her patients and has a wealth of knowledge that can help people far beyond their expectations."

"Excellent experience!!! First time a doctor ever spent more than five minutes total. I was totally unprepared to have a doctor care about me as a person:) thank you so much Dr. Ritsch."

"Dr. Jodi is awesome!! After many failed attempts of trying to get answers and personalized treatment from specialists, I finally felt like my symptoms were personally addressed. Definitely will come back! Definitely will recommend to others! Thank you!"

"Very professional yet friendly reception by Dr. Jodi. Dr. Jodi took care of a problem that would cost over a $1000 if done in a different clinic."

"I have utilized the large provider groups all of my adult life and have felt like I was just a number in their system. Jodi gave me her full attention and made sure I was comfortable with her diagnosis and treatment plan."

"Fantastic experience! I will be recommending Dr. Ritsch to all of my friends. I left the doctor's office with a smile on my face and a feeling that I had just spent time with a knowledgable and caring friend! Amazing!"

"Dr. Ritsch was amazing! She was wonderful to talk to and I didn't feel rushed at all during my appt. and all my questions were answered! Definitely will be a returning patient!"

"The Joyful Doc Clinic and Dr Ritsch took me back to days gone by, when a visit to your doctor was a personal, caring, pro-patient, unhurried, low-bureaucracy experience. My concern was addressed and competent help was given, for a very reasonable fee."

"I really liked Dr Ritsch's holistic approach to my issue. Great listener, didn't feel like I was being rushed, came up with strategies instead of more meds. I have no insurance so the direct pay was great; very straightforward and cash discount."


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