We are so excited to meet you and welcome you to the Joyful doc clinic!

What makes this clinic joyful?

Idealistic design including easy online scheduling, friendly faces when you arrive, time to be seen and heard with compassion.

Our focus is the relationship between patient and primary care provider.  It brings us great joy to help people live their lives to the fullest.

We have the belief that the mind/body/spirit works to heal itself.  Healthy is a state of mind.

We enjoy empowering and supporting patients to find the answers that are right for them including traditional western medicine and integrative medicine.  A patient can expect prescriptions for medication as well as prescriptions for a yoga class or to sleep 8 hours/night.  Maybe even a nudge to try a fun new hobby that will bring great joy!

Be seen quickly

Online scheduling allows for maximum flexibility.  If you are up coughing at night and want to make an appointment for 8am when the doors open the next day, you can do that from your computer or smart phone.  No need to wait until the nurse or receptionist can call you back.

Have a wonderful experience

After making an appointment online, you will receive a reminder email the day before your appointment.  When you drive to our clinic, you will first notice the spacious parking lot and minimal walking to enter the building.  Next, you will be greeted by our friendly staff.  You will be offered a comfortable chair to sit in while you complete a brief worksheet.  

Your vital signs will be taken and then you will meet Dr. Jodi Ritsch M.D.  
You will notice the colorful cheerful surroundings and the laughter throughout the clinic.  After ample time to discuss your concerns, you will be examined in the consultation room or next door in the exam room.  Again, you will notice the colorful decor and beautiful stained glass windows.  

When your visit is complete, you will pay Dr. Ritsch your by cash, check or swiping a card and she will print your superbill receipt.  This is used to submit to insurance for “out of network” reimbursement or kept in your records if you have a health care savings account.  After leaving the clinic, you will receive an email requesting your feedback on the experience.  

More time

Feel the difference a little time can make in your visit.  It is estimated at the average clinic in the U.S. currently a patient has 6-7min to talk with a physician during an appointment.  Here we have on average 45 minutes to discuss issues and other important information.  

No surprises

Every visit is just $100 - besides your first initial consultation with Dr. Jodi ($199).  You may have issues to discuss, a wart to freeze, a skin tag to remove, a rash to look at, a form to complete.  You pay the $100 for any and all of these type of visits.  No bills will come in the mail.  You choose if you would like to spend money on lab tests.  Most of our lab tests are 75+% less than larger clinics.  The most frequently ordered tests are each $40.  Examples of these would be lipid profile, TSH, electrolytes, hemoglobin A1C, CBC, ferritin and liver function tests.  Vitamin D levels and pap smears are $80, a significant savings from larger clinics once again.


The Joyful Doc Clinic - Eau Claire